Douglass in Ireland

I have been here a little more than four months . . . I can truly say, I have spent some of the happiest moments of my life since landing in this country (Ireland). I seem to have undergone a transformation, I live a new life.

Frederick Douglass- Letter of 1 January 1846, The Life and Writings of Frederick Douglass

Frederick Douglass' Connection with Ireland (CBS Mornings)

Frederick Douglass arrived in Ireland. Just seven years after his escape from slavery he wrote his memoir and hoped to connect to a nation’s people who supported his cause. That legacy is something his family still celebrates. Michelle Miller reports.

Frederick Douglass in Ireland - Irish Heritage Trust: The Heart of Heritage

The film gives an overview of Frederick Douglass’s life-changing time spent in Ireland at the beginning of the Great Famine in 1845-1846. Irish actor Kwaku Fortune plays the role of Frederick Douglass and reflects on his legacy for new communities in Ireland. Christine Kinealy presents Douglass’s story. The film is directed and produced by Rebecca Abbott. It is part of the Great Famine Voices Roadshow 2020 “Famine Heroes” series, hosted by the National Famine Museum, Strokestown Park and the Irish Heritage Trust. It is funded by the Government of Ireland Emigrant Support Programme.

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