Cork Abolitionists' Trail

The Cork Abolotionists’ Trail is a legacy project of #Douglass Week and was developed by #Douglass Week team members Dr. Caroline Schroeter, Dr.Lester Fenton, Dr. Adrian Mulligan, Kristin M. Leary, Dr. Tim Greenland, Dr. Hannah-Rose Murray, and Dr. Sarah McCreedy, with beautiful graphics and design by Dan O’Connell (UCC) and Melissa Kiersey (Dacent Print). Kindly supported by Cork City Council.

Cork Abolitionists Trail Map

Note: Some of the  locations are now occupied by other businesses or the original buildings have been removed. Locations 8 and 11 still contain their original occupants from the time of Frederick Douglass’ visit.

Cork Abolitionists’ Trail locations:

  1. Globe Lane Temperence Hall
  2. City Courthouse, Washington Street
  3. Jennings Home, Brown street
  4. Frederick Douglass Mural, Grand Parade (former site)
  5. Bradford & Co. Bookstore, 78 Patrick’s street
  6. Temperance Institute, 12 Academy street
  7. The Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, 101 St Patrick’s Street
  8. Unitarian Church, 79 Princes Street (See the Frederick Douglass Mural)
  9. Independent Chapel, 74 George’s Street
  10. Lloyd’s Hotel,65 George’s Street
  11. Imperial Hotel, 76 South Mall  (See the Frederick Douglass Lounge)
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